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PostSubject: Numerology   Wed Jun 28, 2017 9:54 am

According to Pythagoras "The world is built upon the power of numbers" and that each number has its own personality. This belief is shared by many others and because more or less anything can be converted to numbers we can use this system as a guideline similar to that of astrology.

To calculate your name number, use the table that follows. Take each number that corresponds with each letter of your name and add them together.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Location : Australia
Posts : 1185

PostSubject: Re: Numerology   Wed Jun 28, 2017 10:01 am

Numbers and their meanings:

Being the number of unity and beginnings, people of the number one have great leadership potential. They are individualistic and can find it difficult to operate as just a team member. This can lead to exclusion. Number ones are strong characters and have strong views; this sometimes leads to them being considered as loners and aggressive.

The number 1 stands in the symbolism for the planet SUN.

One is a male number, linked to the tarot card: The magician.

Your best colours are brown and yellow and

Your lucky stones are Topaz and Amber.

Number two is a feminine number. Its people are gentle and often passive. They work well with number ones due to their tendency to make good followers. They are yielding and receptive, more concerned with thought than action. Their lack of confidence and subservant nature can often be mistaken for shyness or weakness. They are in fact quite attentive and articulate people, however due to their gentleness can often be mislead by others.

The number 2 stands in the symbolism for the planet MOON.

Two's Tarot card is the: High Priestess.

Colours are green, cream and white.

Stones are Jade, Pearl and Moonstone.

Number Threes are extremely sociable people, They are active and fun loving. They are sexually diverse and good conversationalists. Their tendency towards enjoyment may portray a superficial nature. They harmonise well with other threes.

Guided by JUPITER, their colours are mauve, violet and purple.

Lucky stone is the Amethyst.

Tarot card: The Empress.

The number four is a conformist. It is a square number, suggesting that its people can sometimes be dull and lacklustre. They are stable, hard working and especially prolific in areas that require planning. While they may be unimaginative, they enjoy rebellion, which can lead to difficulties in forming lasting relationships.

Under the influence of URANUS, their Tarot card is: The Emperor.

Lucky colours are bright blue and grey.

Lucky stone is Sapphire.

Fives posses a fiery character. They are quick minded, lively and restless. They can be unpredictable, constantly trying new things and unable to settle down to anything. Highly sensual, they are quick to anger, acting first and thinking later. They make friends easily, but especially with other number 5's. Requiring freedom, they can be unreliable, unstable and unable to stick to routine.

The number 5 stands in symbolism for the planet MERCURY.

Associated with the tarot card: The Hierophant, most light colours suit them.

Lucky stone is the Diamond.

Romance and family are vital. Naturally domestic and responsible. They are supportive and caring and great lovers of beauty. They make friends easily due to their companionable natures. While they can be perceived as interfering, in reality they are simply doing what they perceive is best.

The number 6 stands in symbolism for the planet VENUS.

Their tarot card is: The Lovers.

Lucky colours are any shade of blue or pink.

Lucky stones are the Torquoise and Emerald.

Considered as a highly spiritual and intellectual number, people born under seven are more interested in daydreaming and the realm of fantasy than reality. They often find it difficult to work with others, thus leading to the perception that they are distant and uncaring. They are generally unconcerned with the opinions of others and have little interest in physical gain. An interest in philosophy and spiritualism is indicated. Intuitive and maybe psychic.

NEPTUNE is the controlling planet, and so good associations with water are indicated.

Main colour is green.

Lucky stone is the Moss-agate.

Tarot card is: The Chariot.

A balanced number, people under the influence of the number eight must take the good with the bad. They are often excellent in business, however the possibility exists that what they gain they must loose. Eights possess a great will, which combined with their individuality enables them to exert great power over others. Often misunderstood due to the fact that they hide their feelings, they must strive to be more open and sociable. Beware of materialism, hard work will inevitably lead to success.

The number 8 stands in symbolism for the planet SATURN.

Tarot card: Strength.

Lucky colours are dark grey, black, dark blue and purple.

Lucky stones are the Amethyst and a dark Sapphire.

Artistic and determined, they realise their own talents and love praise. Relentless in their pursuit, they are achievers and full of energy. Their dedication can leave the accident prone and uncaring for those in their way.

The number 9 stands in symbolism for the planet MARS.

Tarot card: The Hermit.

Lucky colour is red.

Lucky stones are Ruby, Garnet and Bloodstone.
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