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 John of God Crystal Bed

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Location : Australia
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PostSubject: John of God Crystal Bed   Thu May 11, 2017 10:48 am

My session of the Profound Powerful Healing of a John of God Crystal Bed.

After having read up on this healing modality I decided I wanted to try it out so I booked my first session on Saturday the 12th of march 2016, with the lovely Stephanie Fox.

Stephanie aligned the Chakras first when I got onto the bed and I could feel myself become very calm and relaxed. Soft music was playing in the background. (love Medwin Goodall)

A sense of crawling ants going through my body, detecting what needed healing is what came to mind as I felt this tingling sensation. Not in a scary way mind you, but this is the best I can describe that feeling. That followed by a feeling of tentacles pulling softly on my muscles and tendons; stopping at different spots within my body.

Then I felt this surge of energy being beamed into my sinuses, jaw, spine, bones and this beautiful heat radiating in my pubic area. It felt so good and I could feel such strength within that heat. As I felt this heat in my pubic area I heard a voice saying “always make sure you are grounded” and again this intense (non hurting) heat within my pubic area. (Solar Plexus)

Next I felt them working on my bladder and it felt as if they re-adjusted the way my bladder was positioned. (I’ve had a hysterectomy and bladder surgery and lots of trouble peeing since) Then I felt the energy flowing down my legs and heat going into my knees, followed by what felt like my left leg being pulled. Wow it felt so good and this huge pressure I’ve always had in my left leg just vaporized.

Then it felt like hundreds of tiny tingling spiders crawling all over my body; stopping at my hands and gently touching my fingers. I could feel my fingers stretching, yet I didn’t move my body at all. It was such a gentle soft “internal” massage kind of feeling which is hard to describe but it made me feel like jelly.

I am sure I could hear (very faintly) spirit doctors talking while this was happening to and within my body and all I can say is that this has been the most amazing experience ever!

When Stephanie came back into the room to let me know it was the end of the session, I really didn’t want to get up as I felt so good and so relaxed and the most important thing to me … I felt no pain at all.

Now 4 days later and I am still without any back pain … a first in over 2 years! Yayyyyyy
What else have I noticed since I had this beautiful Crystal Bed healing session?

I have felt tingling through different parts of my body. Felt very thirsty so have been drinking more water. A pulsating feeling going through my lower abdomen and through my shoulders. A pressure in my temples that changed into this soft relaxed state. All these feelings confirming to me that this was part of the healing session I’ve had. Like an after care healing.

I will book in my 2nd session soon as I know I need more work done and I can’t wait to have more of the Spiritual Intervention/Operation done.

Thank you so much Stephanie for bringing this wonderful healing modality to us all. Feel free to use my experience as feedback as I can’t recommend this highly enough.

Love, Light and Gratitude

Stephanie took this photo at the end of my session.

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PostSubject: Re: John of God Crystal Bed   Sat May 13, 2017 3:38 am

Lovely picture of you. I had a friend back home who was into all that. Glad it worked for you.
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Location : Australia
Posts : 1185

PostSubject: Re: John of God Crystal Bed   Sat May 13, 2017 7:52 am

Thanks Spice Smile I have more photo's from when I did the 2nd session at Stephanie's house. Will find them and post them here later.


Free to be Me whee
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PostSubject: Re: John of God Crystal Bed   

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John of God Crystal Bed
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